Septic Care

Maintaining your septic system along with proper operating use on a daily basis will reward you with many years of service.

Year round

  • Never use a garbage disposal.

  • Never use powdered detergent soaps, Use liquid detergent soaps.

  • Never do a weeks laundry in one day, spread your laundry loads over several days. Be sure to use a lint screen on your laundry machine’s discharge hose.

  • Never use antibacterial soap or cleaning products that say anti septic.

  • Never drive over any part of your system with anything but a riding lawn mower or push mower.

  • Never treat your septic system like a garbage can. Avoid pouring paint, grease, hard chemicals, Q tips or any personal items in the toilet. Our philosophy is as follows: anything you have in your hand, throw it in the garbage. It leaves your property during garbage collection. If it goes down the drain, you still own it until the septic tank is cleaned.

  • If you hear an alarm sounding, have wastewater flowing into your basement, or see wastewater surfacing above your septic system call immediately. An improper functioning system can be an imminent health threat to both the environment and the occupants (including pets) of the building.

  • Avoid letting excess water enter your system through leaking faucets and toilets. Beware that systems may be subject to overload during heavy rainfall or snow melt.

  • Practice water conservation. Studies show that the average person uses between 100 to 120 gallons of water a day. These systems are designed to accept only certain quantities of water use a day. It is poor practice to exceed normal water use.

Fall (in preparation of winter)

  • Cover septic tank, and lift station with straw.

  • Leaves or bags stuffed with leaves, are not as effective as straw. But may still be used.

  • Marking your manholes with a stake is encouraged (helps us find your system during the winter)


  • It’s best to place a temporary fence around your drainfield and mound systems in order to discourage both snowmobiles and animals crossing over