We service residential, commercial, and industrial.

Septic Cleaning/Pumping

  • Removal of scum, effluent water, sludge, and proper waste disposal

Line Cleaning

  • Removal of obstructions preventing normal wastewater flow

Frozen Line Service

  • Line steaming


  • Replace baffles, Replace lift station pumps, Install or replace risers and manholes

What to Expect for a Typical Service Call:

While setting up an appointment, a customer may request to be present during the service call. After arriving we will assess the situation and perform our services. If the customer has any questions feel free to ask at anytime during the service call. After we have completed our services Dans Sewer Service will leave you with an invoice and different options for payment.

Note: It is Minnesota state law that all septic cleaning/pumping is performed through the manhole. It is impossible to give the same high level of service pumping through the vent stack. Beware, the vent stack is not a manhole, it is a four inch PVC pipe with a cap.